Short Films

I have been making short films since I was about fourteen-years-old.  They have progressively gotten better since I started.  Around 2006/2007 I actually got pretty good at making movies.  This is a collection of the films I am not too embarrassed to show to the general public…mostly.

FutureCop 2010

Time traveling detective, Rex Meriweather, unravels a perplexing mystery.

Produced by Joe DeJulius, Matt Kelley, Patrick Fee, Scott Lynch, Joe Avella
Directed Joe DeJulius
Director of Photography: Scott Lynch
Written by Matt Kelley
Edited by Matt Kelley & Patrick Fee
Special Effects by Scott Lynch
Starring: Matt Kelley, Joe Avella, Laura Coover, Kate Lambert, Patrick Fee, Joe DeJulius, Ismael Moustapha, and Neil Arsenty as the Bartender

Gazillion Dollar Sausage

Winner of the 2009 Chicago 48 Hour Film Project!
Louis Grimes must save the city orphanage from the evil clutches of Mr. Millionaire.

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Quicklips Team:
Joe Avella, Joe DeJulius, Patrick Fee, Matt Kelley and Scott Lynch
Neil Arsenty, Tim Heurlin and Laura Smith,
Required Elements:
Character: Louis Grimes, City Worker
Line of Dialog: “How much money are we talking about”
Prop: An Apple
Genre: Silent Film

Mick Brown

A soft news story about Mick Brown and his wife. For the past 2 months Mick Brown has suffered from the effects of the horrible disease known as murder. This video was part of Cell Camp’s “Dying To find A Cure” Murder Benefit Show in October 2009.


Hey girls. Tired of male enhancement commercials? Well, this drug is just for you.

Action City Bathroom

Action City Bathroom from Matt Kelley on Vimeo.

One tough cop.
One ruthless killer.
One lousy bathroom.

Action City Bathroom is a nonstop-action-crime-thriller that takes place completely in a bathroom.

Directed by Matt Kelley
Written by Joe Avella and Matt Kelley
Directed by Matt Kelley

Joe Avella
Kyle Zornes
Tim Heurlin
Kate Lambert
Matt Kelley
Tim Racine
Neil Arsenty


Naked from Matt Kelley on Vimeo.

Three parodies of 1-800/1-900 commercials. WARNING: Lots of hot naked dudes.

Winner of IO Chicago’s 2007 Vidiocy Film Festival.
2nd Place Winner of 2008 Chicago Short Comedy Video and Film Festival

Starring: Joe DeJulius, Joe Avella, Tim Heurlin, Patrick Fee, Patrick Fee, Patrick Raynor, Steve Huffman and Anthony Duran


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