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This is a sample of articles that I wrote for the websites Zacuto.com and Network Awesome.  Zacuto sells high end video camera accessories and produces several popular webseries.  I mostly wrote about their products but sometimes I got assignments about other topics that let me get a little more creative.  Network Awesome is a website that archives old TV shows, commercials and movies.  You can watch a lot of super rare stuff there that you don’t normally see on TV anymore.  I wish I had more time to write for these guys because I really like what they do.  Whenever I have some time to spare, I ask them  for a new assignment.  Check out some article samples below.


Zacuto Donates Gear to ‘Mission Kilimanjaro’ Documentary







Jib Pimpin’


Photo Quest Adventures Workshops Start Next Week


NAB 2011 Wrap Up



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